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Disk-Manager 3

If you make programs or you want to put several files from different flops or dsk files on an empty flop then you must have an empty flop.
Then you can put anything on it.
On a physical MSX, you take an empty flop or you empty one.
To check if a flop is empty you type files and you get nothing then you can still check with dskf.
Type ?Dskf(0) ENTER and you get 353
on an SS flop On a DS flop you get 712
With CALL FORMAT or _FORMAT you can clean it absolutely completely empty.

Start Disk-Manager
Go to File and then New ...
A double-sided flop is 720 KB and it is on it here.
To serve all MSX-ers, we choose the option above 360KB ... 80 tracks
Click OK
Then go to File and choose Save as and type a name.
Choose an appropriate name, otherwise you will soon not know what is written on what.
Now you have a disk image of an empty flop.
Click on it and you have an empty flop in RuMSX

Then type ?Dskf (0) ENTER and you get 353
on an SS flop On a DS flop you get 712
You can now save, run, and kill anything like a physical msx flop.

What if you want a dsk file of yourself or the internet back on a physical flop?
As discussed above, first make an empty flop.
Then you go to Disk-Manager and go to File and then Open ...
Then browse to the dsk file and click on it.
Disk-Manager loads the content.
Go to Files and Write to disk ...
Make sure you don't have the flop open in RuMSX otherwise nothing will happen.
I had formatted the flop in RuMSX with just MSX-Basic, but at Write to disk ... you could also check Format disk.
The disk is now being created and can be used in an MSX computer or with RuMSX.
But it is much easier to NOT use Disk-Manager, just use RuMSX.
Simpler and faster.
Disk-Manager is for other MSX emulators that CANNOT do these simple MSX tasks.
So create an image from an empty floppy disk, put a dsk image on a physical floppy or vice versa make a dsk file from a physical floppy.
All is easy with RuMSX without Disk-Manager.

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