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Floppy disks 1

First of all, a warning!
PCs and RuMSX look much more critically at a diskette than a real MSX.
MSX soon finds a floppy good enough, but especially if a floppy has been written on a long time ago, it has become worse.
Rewriting the same disk with the same files or a copy of that disk solves that.
RuMSX therefore helps you to find bad floppies.
MSX computers work with cassette tapes, cartridges and floppy disks.
In general, MSX 1 computers work with cassette tapes and cartridges and MSX 2 and above mainly work with floppy disks.
MSX is almost always backwards compatible, so you can play MSX 1 games on an MSX 2
Not many people have an MSX2 + or an MSX Turbo R, so almost all games can be played with an MSX2

In short, floppy disks are the most important thing for MSX!
It is therefore wise to have a digital copy of each diskette, that is a dsk file.
A dsk file is always 360 or 720 kB.
For a single sided flop it is 360 kB and for a double sided flop it is 720 kB
With RuMSX you can use diskettes as you were used to on the MSX.
One floppy after another in the drive, playing one game after another.
Below is a YouTube video showing that.
An old PC with internal drive (s) with RuMSX is sufficient.
I even have a pc with two floppy drives so perfect for emulating a Philips nms 8280 or nms 8255
So don't throw away that old PC with floppy drive!
In the Netherlands these are even much cheaper than an MSX without a disk drive, so such a PC is highly recommended.

I don't know why but there are some floppy disks from a particular manufacturer, which I won't mention, that don't work with RuMSX.
Maybe a coincidence, so I will not mention the name.
But the vast majority works fine with RuMSX and if they work with RuMSX, then certainly on an MSX.
A pc and also RuMSX looks at the floppy disks more precisely than MSX
I have four msx computers and three floppy drive PCs so can judge that ... I guess.
All an estimated three hundred different floppy disks work on any computer.
I throw away floppies that do not work on every msx and pc, and also rom and dsk files that do not work on all.
There are plenty of alternatives that do.

In my experience, a usb external disk drive does not work as a drive for RuMSX.
It did display the files and also the formatting seems to work fine, but the files cannot be started.
I have a 720 kB usb disk drive on order, we will see and if it works it can be read here and seen on youtube.
I also want to try a gotek and will test it if I have time.
Creating a dsk file with an empty diskette to write or copy to is child's play for RuMSX.

Create a dsk file from a physical MSX diskette with RuMSX

Format a floppy disk on PC in just a few minutes with RuMSX and copy Nemesis 1 from dsk to it.

Using real MSX diskettes on a PC with RuMSX