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Eggerland 1

Eggerland Mystery & Eggerland 2 ss dsk downloaden

Eggerland Mystery from HAL laboratory 1985
In addition to the original fields, you can create fields yourself, load and play someone else's fields or change, save and play someone else's fields.
These files have the extension PZL on disk, look up the name of the desired field before starting eggerland.
Before loading Eggerland Mystery you will get an explanation of how to load and play extra fields.
If you don't have a select key on a PC, use F7

In fact, you have an unlimited number of fields and it can be played for young and old.
No super fast trotter thumb or finger needed, just common sense and TIME.

It is a puzzle game and you have to collect all diamonds in a field and then you can continue.
You also have to slide blocks to get everywhere.
If you slide wrong, you can no longer solve the field.
With the F8 key you enter and you can start over.
F10 is pause
In the EDIT menu you can choose menus in the right menu with F7.
If you choose FILER you can choose SAVE, LOAD, DEV, FILES and CLEAR
Don't choose impossible because then you will have to reload / soft reboot the game

Eggerland Mystery from HAL laboratory 1985

You will always receive a password.
Of course you won't remember them and that's why I have them here.
So you can start WHERE YOU STAYED last time.
Or sneak a look a few fields further?
These are the passwords to a specific field.

stage 6     stage 11     stage 16
stage 21     stage 26     stage 31
stage 36     stage 41     stage 46
stage 51     stage 56     stage 61
stage 66     stage 71     stage 76
stage 81     stage 86     stage 91
stage 96     stage 100

So there are 100 fields to solve.
But there are still FIVE and to get there you need a 10 character password.
If you type incorrectly ... then field 100 must be repeated.

The special password is

Below some more websites with tips.
You can of course also google yourself.

Eggerland Mystery on PC thanks to RuMSX simply from floppy.
But you must have a pc with an internal floppy drive or a dsk file of this game.
This video on youtube shows exactly what this game is about.
You have to reach the exit in each field without getting caught by garfield.