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Undeadline training disk You keep walking up and you always have to know which weapon you choose and by which route.
A very nice game, with a lot of variety. Maybe the most beautiful I know. At least graphically

Undeadline is quite difficult, so it is nice that this disk has a training mode in which you are immortal.
This way you can discover where to go and with which weapons and play at a heavier level later.
A harder level, because after a normal start at CONFIGURATION you can choose EASY, NORMAL or HARD.
There you can also save the game to reload later to continue.
The environment and the enemies are very beautiful.

Then you can choose which person to play with.

Then which field you want to start in. play with.
After each defeated field you come here again and you can choose the next field.
There is a weapon in every box you see, shoot it, but know which weapon you need and walk around it differently.
Blue shoes = slower
Shoes with wings = faster
Red bottle = you are getting weaker
Blue bottle = more life
Black bottle = weapon weaker
Heart = An extra life
A P = power for your weapon
Dynamite bars = all enemies dead and pellets gone
Question mark = surprise with oets from above

Here is a picture from the game.
It's not a fast-paced game and there are plenty of ways to play.
You are not easily played out and not quickly bored.
Undoubtedly, my tips will not be enough and you should watch the websites and videos below.

For more tips and tricks.

Generation MSX MSX Undeadline intro vanaf diskette op pc met RuMSX
Perhaps the most beautifully made game on MSX.
With the MSX emulator RuMSX simply from a floppy disk in the PC with internal disk drive.

Not really done my best, but it gives an impression.