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Maze of Galious

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Could just as well be called King's Valley 1.5 because the way of playing is very similar to King's Valley 1 and Kings Valley 2 a year later.
Instead of diamonds you now have to smash round stones.
Slightly less beautiful and you cannot make fields yourself, so King's Valley is much better. Yet this is a FAVORITE!
To be played by young and old! You have to think carefully and it is therefore educational. Confusingly, some are talking about Knightmare 2 and others about Maze of Galious.
It doesn't look like Knightmare, so Maze of Galious isn't that crazy

F2 is break (great fun !!!) with F1 you can view your weapons equipment or change person.
With the M key you can choose your second weapon.
Space is hitting and you steer with the cursors.

Tips of Strafefox
Map as gif


Played on the PC thanks to RuMSX the MSX emulator