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Kings's Valley 2

Kings's Valley 2 downloaden Start up with the CTRL key pressed.

This image will work fine on a real MSX if you boot with CTRL.
Kings's Valley 2 second version didn't work on my msx, but might work on your MSX or on pc
Gives the possibility to start in the level you want and with the number of lives.

King's Valley 2 - The Seal of El Giza
There are endless fields (60) and that's why you get a password for each field and you don't have to start at the beginning every time
A number of passwords are here and can be found a lot if you google them.
The great thing about the game is that you can create fields yourself .... EDIT and play fields of others.
These extra fields can be recognized by the extension ELG
Butrr ... not with this dsk image!
At least not with RuMSX and on a real MSX and then with another flop in the drive I can't watch it right now.
You can cheat with this dsk image file, but to play fields from a flop you need a rom image.
Download King's Valley 2 rom

In RuMSX you first choose Emulator, then Change media ... and at Change you go to a disk image with your King's Valley fields.
Download King's Valley 2 fields dsk
Download King's Valley 2 fields dsk This disk has fields in order of difficulty.

So you get a flop with the squares in your A: drive.
Then choose the rom version of King's Valley 2
in slot 1 You will get the reboot screen, choose soft reboot.
Voila, king's valley 2 starts and you can load a field at EDIT or after GAME choose STAGE LOAD
Then DISK LOAD and you will see the fields on your floppy image and you can load and play them or after EDIT you can change them.
If you come across files with extension ELG, they are such custom fields.
In fact, you will never be finished, because the number of fields is endless.

You have to take the diamonds in each space and with each diamond a lock disappears from the door to the next space.
Sometimes you need a pickax or a jackhammer to break through walls and floors.
Sometimes the tools are scarce and you have to take them from one field to another.

Don't just chop or drill anything, because you often need all the tools to get out of a field.
Sometimes you have to slide blocks and be careful how you slide them.
Doors only open to 1 side. ; BR: F1 is pause.
F2 is high score list
With F4 you turn off the sound.
If you can't go any further then press F5 and you start in the field again unless you still have lives.
Now a few codes that you can start elsewhere.
Field 47 - HELPMODE
Field 49 = GAMEMODE
Field 51 - DEMOMODE
Field 53 - KINGMODE
field 60 - AMPAAGAC the last field.
CHEETING = inviolability with MSX and FESTIVAL with MSX 2

XXYYDAFO - Enter the field for XX and the number of lives for YY, but you cannot use numbers.
10 = 0K 11 = 0L 12 = 0M 13 = 0N 14 = 0O 15 = 0P 16 = 1A 17 = 1B 18 = 1C 19 = 1D 20 = 1E
21 = 1F 22 = 1G 23 = 1H 24 = 1I 25 = 1J 26 = 1K 27 = 1L 28 = 1M 29 = 1N 30 = 1O 31 = 1P
32 = 2A then 2B and so on.
up to 2P = 47 then 3A = 48 3B = 49 and so on up to 3P = 63

MSX King's Valley 2 with RuMSX on PC
Kings Valley 2 a platform game, so run, jump and puzzle.
You can also create fields yourself or solve fields of others, so you can spend endless hours with this game.
One of the best games on MSX, because it is educational and you can create fields yourself.
There are simple fields for children and very difficult fields made by others.
Make fields for your child yourself.