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Made for the common man and children without computer and or MSX knowledge.
A few years ago I had the website, but I got busy and I stopped with that website.
Now the MSX fire has flared up again and I would like to tell you what can still be done with the MSX in 2020. But first I have to explore for myself what the current situation is.
The best MSX emulator for me was RuMSX, but it is hardly ever mentioned anymore. Why not?
So I want to see why openMSX and blueMSX are consistently listed as the best MSX emulators.
I probably expect something different from a msx emulator than the other websites.
We will see!!!
I have installed and researched the so-called best MSX emulators openMSX and blueMSX.
openMSX cannot be used under windows by the common person.
openMSX cannot work easy with MSX floppies and if you click on a dsk or rom file, it will not start, as you are used to with windows.
blueMSX already looks better, but it can't do anything with MSX diskettes and they are super important for a real MSX.
blueMSX is therefore not a good MSX emulator.
RuMSX can use MSX floppies and is the only real MSX emulator I know.
Floppy into the PC floppy drive and play, just like a real MSX.
RuMSX can make empty dsk files to write to or copy files to.
RuMSX can format a floppy disk that can be used on a MSX machine.
RuMSX can copy the content of a dsk file to a floppy disk that can be used on a MSX machine.
RuMSX can copy the content of a real MSX floppy disk to a dsk file for secure digital back-up and to play with other emulators that can't handle MSX floppy disks.

To the left of this you will see MSX at the top and if you click on it you will get the history of MSX to this day.
With the button Emulators you can read a little more about my opinion about MSX emulators.
Below that the button RuMSX, the only real MSX emulator that can use MSX floppies like an MSX does.

Using real MSX diskettes on a PC with RuMSX

More about RuMSX