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MSX Games 1

In game 1, so on this page below the best, most beautiful or most typical games.
In games 2, the second best games.
On the left you will find the often larger best games at the bottom and the diskettes with several, often smaller games at the top.
Also at the top are any special sections, such as sports.
There are still MSX computers that can only use single sided diskettes, so I put everything on ss sided diskettes too if possible.
Single sided diskettes are less likely to have bad sectors.
If a diskette has bad sectors higher than 719 then you can use it as a single sided diskette and use an ss dsk file to make the floppy with.
In addition, diskettes with errors have often been restored after reformatting.
Sometimes you can fix an incorrectly copied file by deleting it and copying it again.
I don't like to waste floppy disks and the games on them.
But with double sided you will find everything.
All start up automatically.
The diskettes with multiple games often with a menu that I made myself... R.Groote
All with downloadable dsk files to play under Windows with RuMSX or to put on a floppy disk and to play on an MSX computer or on RuMSX.
With RuMSX you can click on a dsk file and play or you can use games on floppy disks.

At the top you find games 2 with the second best games.
In games 1 I want to talk about the most typical, most beautiful and / or fun games to play below.
I have made a classification by type of games and I would like to name and describe a few of each.
I want to give a few examples of each type of game in Games 1.
Some with many tips and tricks, pictures and even videos.
But of course also to download in * .dsk format so that you can put it on a diskette with RuMSX.
You can then use that diskette on the PC with RuMSX or on a real MSX computer.
Some dsk files were created by me with RuMSX from a real MSX diskette.
But you can also play them without transferring to floppy disk.
Just click on them and they open in RuMSX.
Or if windows does not yet know the type of dsk, right click and choose open with RuMSX
If you set RuMSX as default program to open dsk files, a click on a dsk file is enough to open it in RuMSX
If you right-click on a *.dsk file and choose to open with openMSX, nothing will happen.
With all other programs for windows this will work, and it works with blueMSX and RuMSX.
RuMSX also knows the function keys that are important in many games.
With my laptop those function keys don't work, check if they work on your regular PC if you have one.
For example, in Nemesis 1 you can enter codes for extra options after pressing F1.
With RuMSX you can use those MSX diskettes on the MSX and on the PC just like on a MSX computer.
One floppy after another in the disk drive looking for what you want to play.
In seconds, you'll have loaded the next floppy to see what's on it.
Just like MSX, this is possible with RuMSX

There were once problems with MSX1 games from Sony and Philips. If you wanted to play it on an MSX2 you sometimes needed a poke, for one that poke and for another another one. There is a poke that works with both and if it is in the menu program or the charger, you are always good.
POKE -1,(15-PEEK(-1)\16)*17

Fly and shoot from left to right.

Certainly the most famous game is Nemesis which is sometimes also called Gradius.
Games similar to Nemesis 1 are ...
Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3, Parodius, R-type, Salamander and Space Manbow.
All graphically very beautiful games, which gradually become more difficult.
With many different weapons.
Sometimes with secret fields or levels.
If you like Nemesis 1 or any of the others then you'll love this whole list of games.
On the left side you can find the games.

Fly and shoot up

Flying up is very different from left to right.
But if you love one, then probably also the other.
In this list Aleste 1,2 and Zanac 1,2,3 and ex
For me, Aleste 1 and 2 are by far the nicest.
Aleste 2 in particular is very addictive.
On the left you also see these games.

You walk to the top of the screen and shoot.

Perhaps the most beautifully made game on MSX is Undeadline.
Beautiful backgrounds, lots of variety and so much to watch. Beautiful, but difficult.
Aleste Gaiden very different from Aleste 1en 2
Nice, but difficult to control and that is a downside for me.

You walk, search and puzzle.

An example of this is Metal Gear

Platform games 1

Jump from platform to platform and collect things. Find the way and defeat enemies.
In this category I count The Goonies, Eggerland 1 and 2, King's Valley 1 and 2, The Maze of Galious and USAS.
A bit different from previous ones, but also a platform games is ... Vampire Killer
Of course there are many more, but these are similar.
If you like one, you also love the other.