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Aleste 1

ALESTE is a shooting game and you keep flying upwards.
You can choose from many weapons on the way.
The more you choose the same weapon, the better that weapon becomes.
So do not always choose a different weapon, but preferably the same weapon over and over again.
I think weapon 6 is the best and that is in Aleste 2 weapon 4
Nice picture and nice sounds.
Are you not doing so well?
Then continue with ALESTE 2 !!!
A lot easier than Aleste 1.

You enter the SOUND TEST if you press S + T + Space simultaneously.
Then you can scroll forward and back with the cursors ... space is playing ... GOOD !!!
The Esc key will take you back.

When you get to the end of the game and you choose 'Continue' you will enter a secret field.

Below a video on YOUTUBE or you go back and watch all those other games.