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Nemesis 1

Fly and shoot from left to right.
R-type, Nemesis 1, Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3, Space Manbow, Salamander and Parodius.
If you like Nemesis 1 or any of the others then you'll love this whole list of games.
Click on the title and download the dsk file of nemesis 1.
Put it on a floppy disk with RuMSX and play it on an MSX or PC with RuMSX

Nemesis means enemy, opponent or goddess of divine retribution.
Nemesis is also sometimes called Gradius.
At the bottom of the screen is a blue bar indicating which weapon you can take with the N key.
You fly from left to right and you get red blocks in the picture.
Each red block in that blue bar moves the weapon that you can choose with the N key
If you take a blue block, all enemies on the screen will die.
F1 is pause.
You have certain code words that you can enter after F1 so that you have all weapons after that, press ENTER and F1 again and you continue with all weapons.
Everything only works once.
Field 1 ... MOMOKO
Field 2 ... CHIE
Field 3 ... AKEMI
Field 4 ... SYUKO
Field 5 ... CHIAKI
Field 6 ... NORIKO
Field 7 ... SATOE
Field 8 ... YASUKO
Bonus field 1 ... KINUYO
Bonus field 2 ... HISAE
Bonus field 3 ... MIYUKI
Bonus field 4 ... YUHKO
Everywhere ... HYPER
So if you used a code for a field, you have 1 more HYPER.
In the next field you have a new code.

Everywhere ... HYPER

Certain weapons, instead of anything with the codes above, are obtained with ...
You would rather have all the weapons so you can forget about them.
DOUBLE ... SHIELD ... LASER ... MISSILE ... OPTION ... DOWN = Speed down

BAKA or AHO and you start again

If you have all the weapons you can increase your SPEED ... first box in the blue bar at the bottom.
If you catch a lot of bullets your shield will get weaker, so you can save in the blue bar for shield (the last one) so that you have it available if you have to.
A little more speed is good, but if you go too fast the 'options' are often too far away from you.
Nemesis 1 scores very high for me in the top 100 because of the above code words, because not everyone has hours to play a game to get to higher levels.
A little bit of cheating with code words increases the gaming fun for many.
Besides all this you can also download Nemesis 1 cheat and start on any level up to 8
Only level 6 does not work.

In the first field there are the two rock-spitting mountains.
Go to the top left with the two options below you and keep firing.

At the end of each level you will receive a mothership.
Shoot that one in the mouth and if all white 'teeth' are broken, continue.

In the third field you have heads like from Easter Island ... shoot them in the mouth.
And so on, and so on ...
As long as you don't start the game, you will get a demo and you can already see where you are going.
There are also secret playing fields where you can only get to a certain way.



So be careful in fields 2 and 3 and fly just right and not too fast.
In field 2 to almost against it and then diagonally up to the left.
You only get the secret field in stage 4 if you have always flown through the mountains.
With TwinBee in the second cartridge slot you fly with TwinBee

download Nemesis 1
download Nemesis 1 cheat

Of course there is a map to be found ... NEMESIS Map

Gradius / nemesis tips

Nemesis 1 MSX level 1 with RuMSX on pc from diskette

Nemesis 1 MSX level 2 with RuMSX on pc from diskette

Nemesis 1 bonus field in level 2

Nemesis 1 level 3

After nemesis 1 came a whole bunch of games similar to it.