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ALESTE 2 c Consists of three floppy disks. The first is an intro in Japanese. Fortunately, you can start with the second floppy.

Weapon 4 is the best and grab it as often as you can.
Compile also released a disk magazine with ALESTE
on it 4 times Disc Station
So download and play for the real ALESTE fan.
ALESTE ds 8c
ALESTE ds 9a
ALESTE ds 8a
ALESTE ds 23ac

At the beginning you can choose your weapons and you will get them back every time you are reborn.
So choose carefully.
With the select key pressed at start-up you enter the soundtest

With the stop key you can control your speed.
If after level 4 you don't put in disk c but disk B you get an extra level.
With Disk A you get a demo.
Start up Disc C with the select key pressed.

MSX Aleste 2 and the intro of the three diskettes.

MSX Aleste 2 with RuMSX on an old PC with internal floppy drive.
This was my favorite game to indulge and relax. But I haven't played it for four years and it shows. Yet even bad gamers get quite far and that stimulates. Nice game and nice music and if the MSX is not around you can also play it on a PC thanks to RuMSX. Don't throw away your old PC with internal disk drive, you can even use MSX floppies on that PC with RuMSX

MSX Aleste 2 on Disc Station with RuMSX on PC