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Nemesis 3

Nemesis 3 512 kb 1988 MSX 1 You need 512 Kb for this one. In RuMSX you have that with an MSX 2+ configuration. If you have less than 512 Kb, nothing will happen.
At the start you will be given the choice whether you want to play in cheat mode. Whether you want the European version and in which field you want to start 0 to 9

Nemesis 3 Same, but now it also works with 256 Kb, the regular MSX 2 and what's more, this is SS.
With 512 Kb you get SCC sound. No cheat mode in this version.

Also in this version you have dead again.
F1 ... code ... ENTER ... F1
FIND ... You can see the hidden items and maps / maps.
GOOD ... The game just got easier.
HARD ... The game gets harder.
EXTEND or EXPAND ... The shield lasts twice as long.

MSX 1 1988 Nemesis 1 and Nemesis 2 and a little extra on top. As long as you don't press a key, you get the whole story. When you start you have a choice of four jet fighters, each with their own weapons.

then you can choose from two types of shields.
Then you can choose from 3 different 'options' say extra fighter jets that fly with you.

Now some links with other tips and maps. At the bottom some videos of Nemesis 3

Generation MSX

Nemesis 3 MAP

Nemesis 3 tips

Nemesis 3 intro on pc with RuMSX