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With blueMSX you can use physical floppies, but blueMSX first creates an image in the memory of the entire floppy disk and then it is no longer needed.
If you only want to play one small game on a full floppy disk, blueMSX puts the entire floppy in memory first.
You cannot play a game that consists of more than two floppy disks as you can with RuMSX.
Very windows and user friendly with a nice user interface.
I like working with real floppy disks and just like on the emulator as on the MSX so choose RuMSX.
Yes, I often use rom and dsk files, but not being able to work with real floppies anymore is a no-brainer for me.
I make a lot of dsk files from real floppies and they can be used by any emulator, even openMSX
But the nice user interface will attract a lot of people to blueMSX and it is 100% easier than openMSX
So have fun with blueMSX

openMSX is often mentioned as the best msx emulator in the Netherlands, but I didn't like it.
In the second place is often mentioned blueMSX.
Let's see if bluemsx can run at least a dsk file or a rom file, but preferably an msx floppy.
Playing an msx game on a pc is very different from emulating an msx.
I would like to put an msx diskette in the disk drive of a pc and that is an msx.
If that is not possible it is not a msx emulator.
blueMSX downloaden
I choose blueMSX 2.8.2 Full

You will not receive a zip file, but an exe file directly.
Click on that file and the installation will begin.
I always choose next. You will get an icon on your desktop.
Click on that icon and bluemsx starts.

You will get 100% more than with openMSX.
Now we will see if we can also read an msx diskette, start a dsk file or a rom file.
Then it looks like an MSX and then blueMSX is a good MSX emulator.

You cannot use MSX diskettes as MSX diskettes with blueMSX.
But you can use the contents of an MSX diskette.
And you can start a game on that physical floppy disk.
You must have an internal floppy drive of course.
Go to File> Disk Drive A> Insert Directory> point to 3.5-inch floppy drive (A :)> OK
Click on the red button of blueMSX and apparently this will put the whole floppy into its memory (the floppy drive works very hard) and afterwards it reboots without reading the floppy again. This reading takes a very long time, while you only want to play one of the perhaps thirty games. The entire floppy disk will be saved. With a floppy disk with a menu, this menu is then displayed. You can remove the floppy and still start and play a game. If you then insert a new diskette while playing and press the red button. The entire disk with, for example, 25 games is saved again, while you only want to play one game of the 25. If, while playing a game, you insert a non-booting diskette and press the red button. BlueMSX saves this non-booted disk in its memory and reboots. After the reboot you enter basic and blueMSX has that diskette in its memory. You can put in another floppy, but the files command won't get the files from that floppy. BlueMSX only knows the diskette before the reboot. You have to reboot, so press the red button and then the entire contents of the diskette will be read and only then will blueMSX reboot. In the menu on the diskette you can choose to read the contents of another diskette, but that does not work with blueMSX and just shows the contents of the first diskette.

With a real MSX you put one floppy after the other in the drive, because you are searching or because you only play each game for a short time.
This is possible with a real MSX and with RuMSX ... the better MSX emulator. You can use floppies with blueMSX, but very limited.

With blueMSX you can put one floppy after another in the disk drive just like with an MSX. But there is a long time between one and the other. With RuMSX this is just as fast as with a real MSX, because RuMSX reads from diskette and blueMSX first creates an image of it.
Yes, blueMSX is a lot better than openMSX and it looks nice.
BlueMSX can also be used to play MSX games, but blueMSX cannot emulate MSX!
Then it must be able to read and use MSX diskettes without making a image of them before using them.
Making a dsk from a floppy or write dsk to a floppy, what RuMSX can, can't be done with blueMSX.
RuMSX can format a floppy and write games to it from a dsk and it can be used on a real MSX.
You can click on a dsk or rom file and it will start with blueMSX
So I will use RuMSX again in 2020
Why people find openMSX and blueMSX so good as an emulator is a mystery to me.

Using real MSX diskettes on a PC with RuMSX